Monday Nov 18th

Today was very long. The kids were off from school for some reason. The morning was pretty mellow and after lunch both of the kids had playdates over. That meant while keeping an eye and ear on the kids I could read. So I finished two of the Bane novellas and I will probably finish a third now in bed.

My German class was pretty hard in the beginning and there was one time that I was asked a question and I couldn’t remember how to change a question from simple to more complex. Spielst du gern Volleyball? -> Gefällt es dir, Volleyball zu spielen? Now my head is tuned to German again and I am excited about the two tests coming up in two and three weeks. Feels wrong to say it, but I am.

I started my third week of 5:2 today with one of the 500 calorie days today. No problem! Last week I didn’t lose any weight because I had some serious troubles with my stomach, but now it’s working again and I hope to lose some more lbs this week.

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