February 3rd 2014, 6:15am

This morning I woke up and saw that I had 5 new emails on my phone. I thought that one of them has to be from FO Peterson about my thesis. I was excited and saw myself working there next spring, with my old co-workers. But no. Two of them (did they want to make sure that I got the same horrible information twice or what?!) were from Cultural Care telling me I got my flight itinerary for my flight home to Sweden… I hadn’t expected that information for at least another month and it came like a punch in the stomach. When you request a flight with Cultural Care you choose an interval of three days. I choose Feb 3rd-5th (the absolute latest available) and was hoping for the 4th or 5th or at least late on the 3rd so I would have some time to say goodbye and mentally prepare for the departure. I will be back from Hawaii on Sunday Feb 2nd at 8:20pm and I will leave for Sweden Monday Feb 3rd at 6:15am. 10 hours between the flights. That’s gonna be tough, but I think it’s better to rip the bandaid of quickly instead of doing it slowly. So if I just pack all my stuff before Hawaii I will be fine. I will say goodbye to the family and Chad and skip sleep that night. I will have almost 14h in the air when I can sleep. It will take 17h and 35min in total with two layovers in Chicago and Frankfurt and will arrive in Gothenburg on Tuesday morning.

I knew I was leaving in the first week of February, but I was hoping I would have some time after Hawaii here in SD. So now I have to say goodbye to all my friends before Hawaii. And that is really soon! And I have a feeling I will panic, even if I feel that I’ve done almost everything I want to do already. But there are tiny things I didn’t think of before, like going to my favorite restaurants for the last time.

Me and Lovisa decided yesterday that we will go to Disneyland on Saturday Dec 21st. I have a feeling Christmas as Disneyland will be slightly better than Christmas at Liseberg. I have to find someone who wants to go to San Diego Zoo Safari Park with me and ask Chad if he could take me to a shooting range. Maybe even this weekend? Then I have a beach volleyball tournament, my last LCC meeting, the Run or Dye 5k run and IKEA’s julbord. Not much time left after that. And since I have so much to do before I leave, I will be home before I know it. So even if eight weeks sounds like a lot, it’s really not… 😦

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