AVICII @ Hollywood Bowl

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Last night was so freaking amazing! I can’t believe I saw Avicii, a Swedish DJ, in LA, making the sold out Hollywood Bowl go crazy. I am proud to be Swedish, once again, exactly eight months after I saw Swedish House Mafia in the city of angels.

Our rental car was a Kia Optima, and Emma was nice and drove both there and home. It was a lot of traffic and it took us more than two hours to drive to the pregaming in West Hollywood. But we got there, played a fun beer game (I have to remember to ask for the rules again, it was a bit confusing but really fun).

We got the the Bowl late and missed two of the artists and saw a few songs of the third. He was good though. Then Avicii was up. He started with Hey Brother, played a few great songs and then he played a lot of dull songs and I don’t think I was alone wishing for Wake Me Up to be played. It got really cold and my feet started hurting. So two hours was a bit too much. But then came good songs again, like Levels. And then he finished with Wake Me Up. But you couldn’t really hear anything because of the huuuuuge firework that was going on through almost the whole song. That was the end!

The arena was really great. Everyone had their own seat, but we had plenty of room to dance and move around and everyone saw the stage perfectly. I really liked it there.

He is playing in Stockholm in February again, but I don’t think he can match this one in LA, so I’m not even gonna bother go to that one, haha!

When we got in the cab to get to the arena I did something awfully cool. I told the cab driver to “follow that car!” We were gonna follow the other cab to the right place. Now I can check that off the bucket list!

On the way home I fell asleep right when I allowed myself too. And when I woke up like an hour later, when we were almost at my house I was gonna ask about the gas and I totally did it in English, even if the other two girls were Swedish. That was so random! I took over the car, drove Lovisa home and then returned the car and drove home to my place. I got to bed at like 4:30am and got out of it at 1pm today. But I did get awoken a lot of times. My hostfamily isn’t exactly quiet around here. And then the girl across the street started playing tuba outside. I think I’m well rested now.


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