A good week

I’ve been in such a good mood this whole week. I’m not usually in a bad mood, that’s not what I’m saying, it’s just that this week has been better than a normal week. At first I had no idea how I could wake up at 6am and smile and wondering what the day would bring. But then I thought about it and there have been a lot of good stuff happening this week. For example, the weather has been awesome, today it was 75F. Unfortunately I spent my freetime in the gym, but I have a feeling I haven’t seen the last of the sun. Daylight saving time makes it light in the morning, a big plus factor for my good mood. I’ve lost weight and found motivation to start exercising again. My toothache is completely gone, I’m going to the Avicii concert tomorrow and this morning my mom told me she get her company’s apartment in London in May next year. I’ve always wanted to go there and was so happy when mom told me that I could join her and her friend!! 😀 It’s for a whole week, and probably the week before the exams, but I will only have one, so that won’t be a problem. I’m so excited!

But today I found out that I have to work a lot the rest of November, there are a lot of days off and halfdays for the kids. Then there is December which will probably be as normal and then I will finish my year with Winter Break. So there’s gonna be a lot of work these last two months which also means less time to work out now that I’ve finally found my way back. Too bad. But I’m not complaining, my hostfamily is very fair and never make me to work more than what my contract says.

I’m really excited about Avicii tomorrow, can’t wait!!

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