Veteran’s Day

So many weird holidays in this country. Today was about honoring the veterans. The kids were off from school, but my hostparents worked. So I had a long day today, but it wasn’t exhausting at all. Ten hours of work today just flew by!! I had a very nice day with the kids. First there was normal breakfast at 8:30. They wanted to have muffins, but we didn’t have a mix for it. Then we played some boardgames before the big thing today. The kids wanted to see Free Birds, that new movie about turkeys going back in time to change Thanksgiving. It was a cute movie!

After that I made Swedish pancakes for lunch, I had a salad, I don’t wanna gain those pounds again now that I’ve finally started to lose it. I actually gained a couple this weekend, I have to be more careful and stay away from ice cream. I swell up everytime I eat that. Last night I was with Lovisa and a new girl named Cati at Stacked. I had my usual, an amazing chicken salad with cranberries, candied pecans and bleu cheese. And then I couldn’t resist so I made my own ice cream sundae.

The afternoon disappeared so fast. We had a late lunch and then at 4pm I had to drive the girl to soccer practice and back home again I played Battleship with the boy. I won, but not by many rounds.

When I got off work at 6:30pm I changed and drove to the gym. I wanted to try my very first 5K. I managed to do all of the kilometers so I feel good about myself. I ran all 3.1 miles except for 0.8 which is also pretty good. The total time was 45 minutes. I was pretty worn out but wanted to do one hour of yoga too. It was hard today and I was shaking. But I felt so good afterward!! Yoga is really nice :).

Now I will go to sleep in my new A&F pajamas that I got in the mail on Saturday. It’s flannel and will hopefully keep me warm. It’s so cold in my room now…

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