Hawaii is completely booked!

This day started with a fire alarm at the boy’s school. We were in the computer lab doing some reading excercises on the computer before school started and in the middle of it all the fire alarm went off and almost killed my ears. Weird to have a fire drill 30 minutes before school starts and since it was over after 10 minutes I guess someone just accidently turned it on.

In my freetime I went to the gym for the first time in a very long time. I went to a spinning class and I think I did pretty good even though I tried taking it easy. I got a headache in the middle of it but I survived one hour.

After the gym I rewarded myself with leftovers from Famous Dave’s. A lot of protein, that’s good after a workout!

For dinner I made Knorr’s lasagnette, the last package my mom brought. Delicious! But soon I can eat it as much as I want.


And now, everything for Hawaii (except car rental) is booked, all the flights and all the hostels/hotels. The total for that ended up at $1500 which is cheap. I mean I’m gonna spend 2.5 weeks on three Hawaii islands!! On Oahu we are staying at Hostelling International Waikiki (I’ve stayed at HI before and they are nice hostels), very close to the world famous Waikiki beach. I’ve heard that that beach is overrated though, but we will see in 71 days! At Maui we are gonna stay at Banana Bungalow Hostel which offers free tours. The location is pretty bad, but with the daily free tours, like beautiful hikes, turtle tour and whale watching. I seriously can’t wait!! And last but not least, the Big Island, where we wanted to make it a little bit more luxurious. We are gonna stay at a hotel resort called Royal Kona Resort. According to the pictures it looks very nice. And for only $135 a night. And we also got one night free because of one of Caroline’s brothers. Awesome!!

I’ve done some googling to see what we can do on the three different islands and I have a long list now. Unfortunately most of the beautiful places on Hawaii are a bit away from everything else so it does seem like we are gonna need a car, at least on Oahu and Big Island. I want to go to Hawaii and see all these beautiful sceneries and if that means we have to get a car, than a car I will get. I love hanging at the beach, but this is probably the only time in my life (hopefully not though) I will go to Hawaii, so I might as well see as much as possible. I can sleep and rest back in Sweden.

I am so thrilled about this trip it’s ridiculous! I’ve said it so many times, but I seriously can’t believe I’m gonna spend 2.5 weeks on Hawaii in such a short time. Two months and ten days!

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