A good Monday

Daylight saving time made me in a really good mood this morning. For the first time in a very long time the sun was up before me! And my good mood kept going during the whole day for unknown reasons. When I got back home after dropping off the kids me and Caroline booked hostels on Oahu and Maui so after the hotel on Big Island is booked everything is done with that trip. I still have a hard time understanding I’m going to Hawaii!

Today was the first day of my new diet, this 5:2 thing that’s so popular right now. It means that five days a week I eat normally and two days a week I eat less than 500 calories. Today was one of those two days and it worked perfectly fine. My new healthy lifestyle continues tomorrow when I will go to the gym for the first time in ages.

I wasn’t too excited about class, I’ve been tired, but it went by fast. It was a little bit hard today actually and my homework from last week had a lot of red marks on it. Oops.

One bad thing about daylight saving time is that now it gets dark so early in the evening. No, not even evening. Today at 5:30pm it was pitch dark outside… Winter is coming to San Diego aswell….

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