I have now spent 300 days away from home. Up until this point I haven’t really missed Sweden, but now I do and all of a sudden time stopped moving so fast. But that’s good because I know that I have a very limited time left (10 weekends in San Diego!!). I realized this weekend that I still have a few things I want to do before going home, like the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and Disneyland. I hope I will be able to squeeze that in somewhere.

I did a lot of stuff today and I started the day by having my LCC meeting at the beach in Carlsbad. It was an international potluck and my contribution was Swedish mudpie. It was very nice but I was so full after! I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat at Famous Dave’s later… But that wasn’t any problem. Me and Lovisa shared a feast for two and both of us got boxes with us home. So much food!

In between my two feasts today me and Lovisa were shopping with Christin in Escondido. I wanted to buy a pair of boots but couldn’t find any so I ended up buying a t-shirt and a thin hoodie instead, oops. From now on I’m not gonna buy anything else, I really have to save for Hawaii, it’s just 73 days away!

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