Summer in November

The summer just goes on and on. It doesn’t seem to have an end here in SoCal! This morning at beachvolleyball was so nice, it was like a really warm summerday in Sweden. Clearblue sky, no wind and a lot of dolphins. I played really bad except for when I played with Chad. For the first time since I started playing at Ponto I was bothered by the sun. It was right in my eyes and super annoying.

It was a beautiful morning but after noon something weird happened. One minute it was like I described and the next it was super foggy, cold and windy. So strange! When the fog came everyone left including me.

I switched the beach for the pool where I spent 3 hours reading. I actually got a little burned in my face. In November!!

Tonight I was supposed to have dinner with Lovisa at Famous Dave’s but out of nowhere she started feeling sick so we had to cancel :(. I had really been looking forward to it and now I’m lost and I have no idea what to do… Maybe I should watch a movie or something.

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