The mornings are really cold now, today it was as low as 52F (=11C)! The sun is still shining though so at noon and in the afternoon when the sun has had some time to warm up it is really nice. Today it was 85F. So it doesn’t really feel like November.

Even if I didn’t go to bed later than usually I was really tired today, so I spent my whole morning sleeping which was awesome. In the afternoon the boy was with his mom at an All Star soccer tryout. That means that a scout was looking at his team playing and the boy was the best in his team so he have the opportunity to join an all-star team with all the best players from different teams around here.  I think me and his mom are more excited about it than he is.

So while they were there me and the girl had some alone time at home. She organized her candy from last night, ate some and while I was baking a Swedish mudpie for my international potluck au pair meeting on Sunday, she was reading. When I was done we both read for a while.

I’m getting used to the complicated language in Under the Dome, but if I’m not focused I don’t understand what I’m reading. I’m one fourth in the book now, just 600 more pages!

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