This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Now I’ve experienced the real Halloween and I liked it. I’m gonna try to introduce it to Sweden. My mom told me today that my grandpa have had kids trick or treating this whole week. And if my memory doesn’t fail me I remember that kids used to go trick or treating during two whole weeks, last of October and first of November. It’s supposed to be a big thing on October 31st!

So first there was a block party across the street with a lot of food. The kids were playing around and the parents were talking, but I, right inbetween a grown up and a kid, was a little left out, so it wasn’t that fun for me, but it was a nice event. When the sun started setting it was time for trick or treating. I was expecting to go with the whole family from house to house, saying “trick or treat” and then get some candy. But not at all. Parents were pretty much running after the running kids who just ran from house to house taking candy. And when it got really dark it was hard seeing the kids up ahead. My kids got glowsticks around their next though, so they were easy to see.

After walking around for a bit we stopped at a house who had a party with more food and drinks. They had real chili so I tried that for the very first time, it was good. They also had my favorite, corn bread!! Maybe I should buy a mix and take home to Sweden.

I had my own pumpkin bucket for candy. The kids had pillow cases and got a lot of candy. I got a reasonable amount. I just went up to a few houses and one lady in one of them told me that I had the most beautiful costume she saw that night. I got a lot of compliments tonight. I was wearing a flapper dress with a feather in my hair, long black gloves, fishnet stockings with rhinestones on the backside and a long pearl necklace. I was from the 20’s tonight. It was cold walking around like that and I will probably sleep with an extra blanket tight around me tonight.

I had a very nice evening with my hostfamily and I’m glad I got to experience Halloween the real way!

Zebra I got myself a real big surprise this morning when I saw this, hahaha! xDEvil eyes We finally did these evil eyes but we didn’t have time to put them up. At least I got some arts and craft time with the kids. It’s so hard getting them to do anything like this normally. We were supposed to put a glow stick in them and put them in a tree.20's costume My 20’s outfit for the evening. High heels would have killed me and no one saw my sandals in the pitch dark later. I got a lot of compliments during the evening though :).Halloween candy

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