Wednesday Nov 6th

A normal Tuesday is just about to end and I think I will end it earlier than usual and go to bed and read or maybe watch a movie. It was a good day, didn’t do much. Had a long and nice nap in the morning. I tried doing one of the two days with less than 500 calories but my hostfamily made a too good of a dinner for me to resist. So I will have to do it again tomorrow.

In the afternoon I wrapped up the girl’s birthday present, she is turning eleven next Thursday! She is getting so big. I know I’ve just known her for ten months but she’s grown so much, not just with her height but maturedness (if that’s even a word).

I am gonna miss these kids so much, not just being around two amazing children, but seeing them grow up. They are like my two younger siblings and I love them so much, and not being able to see them grow older than 7 and 11 years old makes me sad. I will see them again, for sure, but I won’t see them grow up.

Both of the kids, especially the boy have realized that my time here soon is up and tries to talk about it, that it’s not that much time left and so on. Since that also makes me sad I try to avoid talking about it by changing the subject. But it is really touching that they are aware of my departing and doesn’t like it anymore than I do.

I forgot to write something on Monday. I’ve finally sent in my exchange program application to Chalmers about studying at CalPoly next year. I got some amazing help from one of the beachvolleyball guys. I wrote the letter, he just added some fancy words and made it sound better. So very nice of him. I can really see myself getting accepted with that letter.

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