The boy loved my dinner!

Today was a normal day, just like all the others. I drove the kids to school, skyped with mom, I took a nap, picked up the kids, we went to Starbucks, I helped them with homework, and then cooked dinner. I feel like such a housewives sometimes. But I really like that!

Dinner today was a success. I made spaghetti with meatsauce and tried to copy how I usually do it in Sweden, it tasted nothing like it… but it turned out really good anyway. I had bacon and feta cheese in it as usual, cream and garlic too. I added some ketchup today because I thought I used to use tomato purée in Sweden, but I’m not sure anymore. It was very good anyway and the boy said he LOVED it and he finished before me and my hostmom. That made me so happy!

When I skyped with mom I asked her if she could transfer some money I have saved in Sweden because I’m gonna book my flights to Hawaii tomorrow!! I’m hoping they will come like now so I can do it already, but I guess I have to wait until tomorrow… I’m so excited though and I find it so hard to believe that I’m going there after New Years! My travel partner Caroline booked her flights to Honolulu and home from Kona (Big Island) tonight and tomorrow we will book the flights between the islands together. It’s awesome also that it’s so cheap. It will be in total like $650 for all the flights. And then of course there will be all the hostels and maybe cars, and food. But I am sure it will be worth every single penny!

So much going on and I’m so excited all the time. It’s hard to focus on just one thing. So I’m just happy and excited in general right now, haha.

Maroon 5: 3 days
Las Vegas: 9 days
Avicii: 38 days
Hawaii: 105 days
Halloween: 29 days
Thanksgiving: 57 days
Christmas: 83 days

I’m really looking forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving. We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Sweden and here everyone apparently decorates their houses a lot. And I really look forward to go trick or treating with my hostfamily! And then there’s Thanksgiving which we Sweds hardly don’t even know what it is all about. So that will be fun, and the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday which also will be a really fun experience!

I have a feeling these last months will fly away even faster than the previous 9 months…

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