Hawaii in 104 days!!

Hawaii is happening, for sure, it is real, not a dream anymore. I can’t believe I bought flight tickets to Hawaii today! And I can’t believe it’s just a little more than three months until I’m there! I am so excited it’s ridiculous. But at the same time that trip means that I will be back in Sweden right after it and I don’t like that thought. Not at all. I will have at least one day in California before going back home so I won’t go directly from paradise to coldness. I can cross my fingers and hope for a cold first week in February here in California, so it won’t be such a shock.

Now in the evening me and Caroline booked the flights between the islands together so all the flights are booked now.

San Diego – Honolulu, Jan 15th
Honolulu – Maui, Jan 20th
Maui – Kona (Big Island), Jan 28th
Kona – San Diego, Feb 2nd

And all that for $730. That’s not too bad. We decided to book the hostels next week, save some excitement, haha! I really hope Sarah can come with us, that would make it the best trip ever!

Today was really chilly, the first day of fall. I still have my Swedish instincts, September and October should be cold so I’ve been wearing sweaters and leggings, and since that’s been way too warm I decided to have shorts and a tank top today. And of course the weather changed and I was cold instead.

I haven’t been feeling too well either. My stomach has been bothering me nonstop since Saturday and today I also felt very dizzy and almost feverish. Maybe it’s a good thing to go get a flu shot with the family. I never had one before and I’ve never had the flu, but now when I’m around kids, maybe that’s for the best.

I tried doing some homework today but I don’t know if I’m too tired, but I didn’t understand what who says to who. Like if a woman addresses another woman, does she say “du”, “Sie”, or “ihr”. Okay, that one was easy, but not everyone is. And I know the rule, you say “du” when it’s friends, family or kids, “Sie” when it’s someone you don’t know or just want to be respectful to like a teacher or something. And “ihr” is the plural. But what says a student to another student? And what is a Sekretärin? I think I have to spend my freetime tomorrow reading in my textbook instead of sleeping. Bummer!

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