A goodbye under shooting stars

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Yesterday was an eventful day. In the morning I went shopping with Sarah and her adorable baby. Her leaving also means I’m never gonna see him again so I said goodbye to him, but he wasn’t in a good mood so no smiles, too bad. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I had two Victoria’s secret coupons, one giving me a free pair of my favorite seamless panties, and one giving me $10 off of a bra. I’ve been looking for a normal black t-shirt bra and found one that fit really well. Then I found a pair of grey leggings. It would be boring to only have black ones. And then I found a nice long sleeved t-shirt at Abercrombie. We couldn’t stay for too long so I had time to take a shower when I got home.

The kids had soccer practice as usual on Mondays, and as usual it was super stressful. And yesterday the kids forgot EVERYTHING so they had to run into the house several times before we could drive away. Sometimes I wonder if they would remember to bring their heads if it wasn’t stuck to their shoulders…

At 6:30 pm my first German class took place at UCSD. The teacher is French, lived in Germany for four years, worked as a German teacher and then moved to USA and now she teaches both French and German. She is nice, but she gives us homework every day and we are gonna have three tests in ten weeks. But I recognized everything yesterday so I don’t think this will be too hard for me. I’m not gonna move up a level, I want to learn the basics again. I don’t remember it, but I recognize it so I guess this will be good for me. I’m glad I decided to take this class!

Right after I drove to Sarah’s house and there were a lot of people, her hostmom, Moa, Kristel, Christin, and the two German Daniel’s. After Moa and Kristel left and the hostmom went to bed it was just me and the rest German’s so I was a little left out, but I understood some things they were saying when I was concentrating. I also tried to tell them what I learned in class, and Sarah just told me that it was so cute when I tried to speak German, haha! When they left an hour later it was just me and Sarah.  We ate s’mores and she didn’t buy the normal Hershey milk chocolate but cookie’s and cream and I have to say, that was really good! We talked, lay in chairs and looked up in the sky. No clouds at all so we could see all the stars. And there were a lot of shooting stars! I know for sure I saw two but then I thought I saw some in the corner of my eye. It was such an amazing evening! And the time didn’t want to work properly so before we knew it, it was already 1:30, so we cleaned up in the backyard, I give her a goodbye card I made and then we said goodbye. It didn’t feel like a permanent goodbye (which I know it wasn’t) but it wasn’t so bad. But when I left at 2am and started the car the tears welled up and I cried all the way home. I have had such a great time with her and I really thought I would have had at least three-four months more with her, but this came so sudden… but she is seriously considering going to Hawaii which means that I will see her again in about 100 days. And then there is Mallorca next summer.

I slept for 3 hours and I was like a zombie this whole day. My head hurt like crazy and I find it hard to believe that Sarah is on the flight back to Germany right now.


Another thing that’s hard to believe is that it is already October! The temperature is 80F during the day still, which is awesome! I wonder how long this warmth will last, I hope at least the whole of October :).

In the afternoon I went with the kids to a park south of here with Swedish School. They played typical Swedish games while I was watching them. There were hot dogs and they sold Swedish candy. As the sweet tooth I am (and when I’m sad I tend to eat candy) I bought some for me. So delicious!!

I will head to bed now, even with my three hour nap today I’m still very tired…

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