Oceanside Harbor Day and Mission Beach

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This weekend was the best so far this year! Everything was just perfect and I wish so bad I could have more of this, but unfortunately this was the last weekend that was possible…

The day started with me picking up Sarah at her house and drove us both to my ninth LCC meeting – Oceanside’s Harbor Day. For once it was actually a pretty nice meeting. I like my LCC but I think it is boring that she leaves as soon as she talked a little with each and every one of us. I asked her if she knew about getting a new J1 visa right after the one I have expire. Someone told me I might not be able to get a new visa for studying until like 1-2 years has past and if that is true than that would really suck monkeyballs. I’ve just decided that I want to come back and study and now I found out that that might not be possible… I will cross my fingers!

Normally after our LCC leaves all the au pairs scatters and leaves too, but today I think all of stayed and our group has grown from three people per meeting this summer to more than 10 today. Most of them I’ve never seen before. We walked around in Oceanside Harbor (where I’ve never been before and I seriously wonder why, it was so nice there!), had lunch and talked. I overheard some Germans talking about Las Vegas so I asked them if they had been there and if they might want to go with me in two weeks. They were really interested in going with me. So instead of three people we are now six (probably). I’m so excited and it will be so much fun!!

After two hours there me and Sarah continued our day and drove down to Mission Beach. I’ve never been there before and I really wonder why, it was a really nice beach with a boardwalk, rollercoaster and nice stores. Before we lie down on the sand we bought smoothies and then we spent the rest of the day at that beach. Christin joined us later and we watched the sunset together. We had dinner at a restaurant/bar called WaveHouse. It was a really cool place. It was outside, sand as floor, and the most cool thing was the surf wave they had. It is a real wave were guys surfed. Unfortunately someone got hurt so they had to turn off the water. It was something serious, the ambulance was there and carried the guy away on a stretcher.

I drove Sarah home and stayed at her house for a while, while we exchanged photos from yesterday and today. We took a lot of pictures today because it was her last day at the beach. I find it very hard to believe that she is leaving on Tuesday… I guess it will be more real when we say goodbye for real tomorrow night!

I drove home and now it’s time for some sleep.

Oceanside Harbor Day Oceanside Harbor Day Oceanside Harbor Day - policedog "performance" The Oceanside police were there showing off their trained dogs. That dog was better trained than those animal actors yesterday at Universal Studios.Oceanside Harbor Oceanside Harbor Day Oceanside Beach Oceanside Beach Oceanside Beach Oceanside Harbor Mission Beach - gangnam style Two old people performing to Gangnam Style. Hilarious!Mission Beach Mission Beach Mission Beach Mission Beach Mission Beach WaveHouse

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