Universal Studios Hollywood

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I had such an amazing day at Universal Studios with Sarah and Christin today. It was hard getting up to start going at 7am, but with a breakfast from Starbucks on the road it turned pretty fast. Christin had vacation this week and spent it in San Francisco and then two nights in LA where me and Sarah picked her up. We parked by the Universal Citywalk at maybe 10:30 and then got stuck in stores and lines into the park so we didn’t get in until like noon. But that was fine. First we took the Studio Tour which was different from when I was there last time. They showed different things which was nice, but King Kong 360 3D was still the same and still as amazing. I don’t like the fact that I get nauseous so easily nowadays. I got a little sick from that ride…

Then we went down to the place where almost all the rides are. I didn’t even go down there the last time but I’m glad we did it this time. First we went on the Jurassic Park ride which was like Flume Ride at Liseberg, but a bigger boat and with a lot of dinosaurs squirting water and scaring us. It was a nice ride.

Next ride was the Revenge of the Mummy rollercoaster. I wasn’t too excited because I knew how easily I get sick, but it was a short rollercoaster and no steep falls which I think is the main reason for my disorderly stomach. The most funny thing about that ride was the photo! All three of us were laughing so hard when we were looking at it. All of us had different faces and we looked so ridiculous! We should have bought that photo, we really should have!

Then we went on the Simpsons ride because there was a one hour line for the Transformers ride. I’ve heard that one is really nice, so I was a little disappointed I couldn’t go on it. But I have my yearly pass so I guess I could go back again. The Simpsons ride was as fun as last time but oh my god I felt sick after. And poor Christin was even worse. My nausea went away after I drank some Coke and ate a cinnamon roll. Our stomachs settled while we were watching the Animal Actors show and then me and Christin went into the House of Horror. I don’t like that kind of stuff anymore and I was screaming like a little girl the last time. But this time I was prepared, hold Christin’s hand really tight and my other hand covering my sight so I couldn’t see the people jumping out at me. It wasn’t as bad as the first time because this time we were walking right behind a couple so they were the ones getting the most scared.

After that we did some shopping and had dinner at Wolfgang Puck at the Citywalk. We three are ridiculous when it comes to shopping. First of all I finally found California Republic clothes so I bought a hoodie and a tank top. I also found some souvenirs for my cousins. And new sunglasses. About time! They were cheap too, $4 each, so I bought two, couldn’t decide what color.

We also spent a lot of time in a store called Angl. I’ve been in it once before, on the Walk of Fame and bought a very cute top there. This time I found an awesome top again that I was hoping I could wear for my second night out in Las Vegas, but they didn’t have my size. So I will look on their webpage and see if they have it there. They have so many cute clothes there. But I didn’t buy anything else than a necklaces and matching earrings. I decided to wear the black Diesel dress I Bought in Houston, in Vegas and needed a necklace. I think that was all my shopping today.

We stayed outside in the middle of the CItywalk for a while in the evening. I was surprised it was so warm, it was like 77F or maybe even warmer. Down here in San Diego it’s just above 60F… I wish we had that evening warmth down here, if we did it would be perfect here!

First we drove Christin home and that was an experience, for sure! I knew she was living in a gated community but I had no idea you had to cross THREE gates to get to her house! And her hostfamily’s property was ridiculously big. They had three houses, the main and HUGE house where the family lives, the guesthouse and Christin’s house (I think it was on top of like four of her eight garages). They had their own private tennis court and they are building a pool and Jacuzzi right now, and you can’t have a pool without a pool house so one of those will be built too. I didn’t see the inside of the main house but I hope I can do that someday.

Then Sarah drove me home and now I’m so tired. I think I will just throw everything from my bed down on the floor, get to bed and deal with the mess another day, probably after Sarah’s gone and I won’t have anything to do during the days… I’m gonna miss her so much!! But first we have the whole day tomorrow, full of plans, Monday morning shopping/hanging out at the mall, and her goodbye dinner after my class.


Universal Citywalk Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights They closed the park at 6pm and then opened again at 7pm for HHN, Halloween Horror Night which they have some days now until Halloween in a month. There were a long line to get in already at 5pm! And when we left at 9pm there were millions of car trying to find a parking spot in the huge parking house right next to the Citywalk. These horror nights goes on until 2am and I’m not completely sure what it means more than there are a lot of scary “actors” running around in the park. They had also set up metal detectors in front of the entrance for the evening, wonder why.Universal Citywalk Universal Citywalk Universal Citywalk (Gangnam Style) Universal Citywalk Universal Citywalk Universal Citywalk

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