Elementary school talent show

Friday again, another week gone, and another fun weekend lies ahead of me. The end of this week I spent at the boy’s school for a talent show and ice cream social. It’s pretty much eating ice cream while watching elementary school kids do stuff. It was a nice experience but I’m so glad we left after two hours (half the show). There was one guy in the beginning who was awesome at the drums and one girl in the middle who sang a song while her dad was playing the guitar, and she was so good. Other than that I think I’ve heard Katy Perry’s Roar like five times…

My day was nice, I spent the whole morning at Ponto beach with Sarah and her 16 month year old hostboy. I love that kid, he is sooo adorable! And for the first time he actually paid attention to me and wasn’t afraid of me. Today he threw a ball at me and he caught it when I threw it back. And then he started smiling with his whole body when I said “good job” and clapped my hands.

Before Sarah had to go we did some beachvolleyball peppering and she did really good and told me she is gonna join a volleyball team back in Germany.

I drove directly from there to the girl’s school to pick her up. Then left her at home with her mom so she would have time for a shower and to buy a birthdaygift to her friend. The party started at 4pm! Odd time for a birthday party. So I picked up the boy and after snacks he had a playdate with the neighbor and then we drove to the ice cream social.

I started reading the fifth Mortal Instruments book today, I finally finished the fourth last night. They are so good, but I kinda hate this one. This author is really mean to the love couple. First they fell in love, then they thought they were brother and sister while they couldn’t forget their feelings for each other. Then they found out they weren’t brother and sister and now the guy has become super evil. The worst thing is that there will be a sixth and final book, but it won’t come out until like May next year!! Stupid books…

Tomorrow I will go to Universal Studios with Sarah and Christin, I hope the weather will be nice as it was today (it was low 80s after the morning cold (55F) was gone). But I will pack both leggings and shorts so I’m sure the day will be awesome anyway :).

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