Avicii Nov 9th!

I’ve been so excited this whole day. It started with me spending $265 on concert tickets for me and five friends. We are gonna go to LA in November and see Avicii at Hollywood Bowl!! That’s gonna be so amazing and I can’t wait.

The second big thing that happened today was that the girl got off from school at noon today which meant I had a 10h working day today. I’m tired but I’m totally ready for some yoga with Sarah in an hour. So she didn’t have lunch at school so just she and me went to Panera Bread and had lunch. It was very nice. I had a baked potato soup, it was good.

After we picked up the boy we drove to Swedish school from which I just got home. And now I’m waiting for Sarah and then we’ll have a nice evening together with yoga and hot tub again!

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