Swedish brunch

I had a really nice day, even though I didn’t feel so good. I don’t know if it’s because I slept bad or what. But I’ve been very tired and felt like I’ve been radiating heat this whole day. I also had a pretty bad headache. But as I said, I had a pretty good day anyway.

It started as usual and then I spent almost two and a half hour with Moa, Sarah and Paulina at a restaurant called Snooze down in Del Mar. I had pineapple upside down pancakes. So delicious!

It was a dine-out today from the boy’s school. That means that if you save the receipt from the specific  restaurant 20% of the profit goes directly to their school. So me and the kids skipped Starbucks today and had an early dinner together at Rubios. I had a Salsa Verde Shrimp taco which was really good. Pretty much everything with avocado in it is! I didn’t eat more than that because I wanted to save some space for froyo with Sarah after work. I made it “healthy” this time with fruits and nuts instead of candy. Extra points for me. But this day kinda ruined my not-eating-too-much-and-unhealthy-week. But I’m not giving up, I will continue tomorrow and forget about this day!

While we were eating froyo and Sarah drinking her smoothie we were also sitting in her community hot tub. We were talking for a long time and we had such a nice evening. I can’t believe she is going home on Tuesday… I will cross my fingers that she will join me on Hawaii next year.

Today I found out that Avicii is playing in LA in November and it’s not too expensive, $44 for a ticket. That’s nothing! The tickets are on presale until tomorrow so I guess I have to find someone to go with pretty soon if I don’t want history to repeat itself (Swedish House Mafia in March). It would be so awesome to see Sweden’s two biggest house artists perform here in America!

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