I did a lot of errands today. First I got my B12 shot, then I returned a pair of sweatpants to the Abercrombie store in Fashion Valley and my last stop was at the UCSD Bookstore where I spent a lot of money… I bought my two textbooks for my German class that starts next Monday. Almost $110 for those, and they weren’t big! Then I found a hairbrush that I also bought. Now that I have so long hair, the brush I’ve always used before doesn’t work anymore, needed something bigger. I also found really nice sweatpants there. Maybe I should buy a pair there instead of a pair from Abercrombie. I have to think about it!

When I got home I had lunch and read some. But I didn’t read many pages before I fell asleep and slept for an hour before I had to pick up the kids. I like my naps.

Didn’t do much more than give the kids snacks and helped the boy with his homeworks in the afternoon. And for dinner I cooked a lemon fish stew with pasta and steamed broccoli. It turned out really good!

I’m not gonna look into my Hawaii trip tonight, I want to get many hours of sleep so I will go to bed now, at 7pm… maybe I’ll finish my book before though ;).

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