Personal space

I don’t know if it’s Americans or if it’s kids in general who doesn’t know what personal space means. Every afternoon I wait at the gate outside of the girl’s school and every day all the kids walking past me almost walk into me. The sidewalk I’m standing on is like 2,5m wide and I’m standing as far to the edge of it as I can but still they insist on walking straight into me. And it’s not just walking, some almost ride into me with their scooters and skateboards too. What’s wrong with them?? Today I almost got my whole face scratched to bits and pieces because one girl was walking with cardboard on her head. If I didn’t lean backwards, like a lot, she would totally have hit me in the face. I was too surprised to say anything but that really made me mad. And it’s gonna be like this every afternoon…

My day other than that was nice. My hostdad drove the girl to school and took me with him so we could first leave his car at the car service and then drop me off where my car was. Now it’s fine and working again.

I drove to Starbucks in Vons close to our house because I wanted to try one of those Secret Menu things. It was good, but it was not worth so much extra money. It was stupid going to Vons, because I ended up buying a bag of Rolo’s. The girl and her friend baked chocolate cookies at the friend’s house this week and they had Rolo in them. The cookies were delicious and I didn’t realize what Rolo was, but it looks kinda like Center, but the caramel inside is more chewy. So delicious! I think I’ve found my new favorite candy. It’s hard being healthy here…

In my freetime I took a shower, had lunch, read and then took my daily nap for 30 minutes.

When we got home from school both the parents were home and the girl’s neon pink iPhone 5C had just arrived so she’s been upstairs (except for when she had a chocolate milkshake for snack) playing with it and the boy is over at the neighbors so I guess I’m off work at 4pm on a Friday, pretty awesome! Except that I don’t have anything special to do, haha. I guess I will read until Sarah gets home from San Francisco in about an hour and then maybe have dinner with her or something. Or maybe froyo 🙂

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