Windy beachvolley

As all Saturday mornings I played beachvolley at Ponto. It didn’t start so well but I played better and better through the morning and me and Chad won a few games. Then the wind came out and everyone played crappy. Winning was more because of luck than skills. It was a really nice morning though, cloudy and pretty warm. The sun came out with the wind and I totally forgot about sunscreen so my face is like a strawberry. Nothing else is burned.

I noticed that the pelicans are back. I haven’t seen them all summer now that I think about it. I didn’t get pooped on though :).

I drove home and asked the Swedish girl about the picnic we were supposed to have in Del Mar this afternoon but they were pretty much done so we decided to meet at the outdoor movie at 6:30pm instead. So right now I’m just waiting for time to go by so I can drive down there and watch Wreck-It-Ralph. That will be really nice and I will meet two new Swedish au pairs for the first time.

And tomorrow me, Sarah and Lovisa will go to Aquatica, that will be really nice too! So much stuff going on all the time it’s ridiculous. Next weekend Universal Studios, the weekend after that a bonfire party at Ponto Beach and the Maroon 5 concert. The weekend after that is Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. Soon thereafter there’s Halloween which I’m really looking forward to. A month later is Thanksgiving which I also really look forward to. And then there’s Christmas and my travel month… I guess I will fill out the rest of the few weekends in between and that’s it. The rest of my year, 16 weeks of work (excluding the last week of december)…

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