No car makes my job harder

No, not really. No car means that I hardly can work at all since pretty much most of my workday is to drive the kids to and from school and activities. So this morning my hostdad drove the girl to school and I was supposed to walk the boy to his school. He got so sad when I told him that he sat down in the middle of the stairs and just cried… So his mom offered to drive him even if you can see the school from our house.

In my freetime I couldn’t really do anything except read and sleep. So that’s what I did. I read a lot last night before I fell asleep. Normally I can only read a few pages before I blackout. But it was so exciting last night so I almost finished the whole book. I thought it was kinda disturbing that the two main characters in the book fell in love when they met and then found out that they were siblings. That was the end of the first book but it was so sad, so I kept thinking and waiting for the better truth to be relieved, that they weren’t brother and sister after all. And last night that happened! I was so happy. I love when a book turns out just like you want it to. Right now I’m reading the epilogue so I guess it will be done any page now.

My hostmom picked up the girl from school, came back home to pick me up and then we picked up the boy. She drove us to Swedish School and left us there. My hostdad picked us up after. You really are nothing without a car here!

Panda Express for dinner and now I will buy my ticket for Aquatica on Sunday.

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