My silver is at the car doctor

It feels like it’s always something wrong with my car. I feel guilty, but how can I help that light bulbs break, or the dash board stops working, or the AC isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago? My mom cheered me up by telling me it’s an old car (I don’t think 13 years sound so old, but it made me feel better hearing her say that on Skype today). So this time the Check Engine sign is on and my hostparents thought it best not to use the car so much, so I didn’t have to drive the girl to her school, which is like 5 miles away. And that also meant that I couldn’t go to spinning class this morning which sucked a little. I’m feeling better and my cold from the weekend is completely gone by now.

So I spent my morning skyping with mom and then in bed reading until I fell asleep for half an hour before I had to eat lunch. I had a “fika” with the kids at Starbucks where I tried a new thing for once, and I was disappointed. I tried the Hazelnut Macchiato. I really like my chai latte. But next time I will try something that’s not even on the menu. There is something called Starbucks Secret Menu which is pretty much baristas trying new combinations and adds their recipes to a website. So I found one called Fall in a Cup, made from Pumpkin Spice Latte and with Caramel Syrup and Chai syrup in it. It sounds pretty good!

After that I helped the boy with his homework and had to drive to the car doctor whit the kids. My hostdad picked us up there and drove me and the boy home. He had a playdate next door and I was sitting outside keeping an eye on them while they were playing outside. It was cold even with my new knitted shirt and leggings. I read while I was sitting there and I really like this book series now. I was a little skeptic in the beginning but now, after almost three books, it’s really good!

After dinner me and the boy played with paper airplanes for a while and we decided to fold some really nice ones on Friday after school. Tomorrow there’s Swedish School so we don’t have time to do anything after school.

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