Fish tacos

I really love tacos, and I don’t think it’s just a festive meal. I’m used to eating it on normal days (I remember when I was a kid and my dad made that for me and my brother like once every two weeks, that was awesome!) so I’ve made it three times for my hostfamily so far. The first time I made chicken tacos, the second time with minced meat and now the third time with fish and shrimp. In Sweden we have special spice mixes for all three of those but I couldn’t find fish seasoning today so I took the normal one and it ended up tasting and looking like chicken. But it was good, and it felt healthy with the fish. There were a lot of vegetable leftovers so I will have a nice salad for lunch tomorrow.

My day was really nice today as well. It started with a beachvolley ball lesson with Christin at oonlight Beach. All the courts were occupied so we just did some peppering closer to the water. She did really good and especially on the smash which she never tried before. Her sets were very improved today to. I think with the sets (sv: fingerpass) you just come to one point when you realize how to do it and after that you just know how to. I had that day one day at beachvolley camp in the summer of 2010.

After that I drove home, had lunch, did some laundry and put all my new clothes in my dresser. I’m gonna need a second checked-in suitcase when I go back to Sweden… Unless my mom comes to Hawaii and comes with an almost empty one!

In the afternoon it was just me and the boy. The girl was with a friend. So we did a little grocery shopping first. Then a big snack, he was super hungry for some reason. We mixed homework with games the rest of the time before I had to start with dinner.

It was very cold in the morning and in the afternoon very warm. It’s pretty annoying to have to change clothes in the middle of the day. But I guess I have to get used to it again, fall is here!

Time to finish Rise of the Guardians and then some reading.

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