Friday 13th

No bad things happened to me so far today except that I woke up after a horrible nightmare. It was February 4th 2014 and I was back in Sweden. It was cold and snowy and I wasn’t feeling particularly good just leaving California. No one cared that I was back home and the worst thing was that I realized that I forgot to go to Hawaii. Time had just flown by so fast so I didn’t have time to remember to book the vacation I had been waiting for so long. It doesn’t sound so bad now that I write about it, but it wasn’t nice at all!

But after that my day turned out to be pretty okay. I started my morning as usual with making breakfast for the kids. I had already prepared to lunchboxes last night so I could focus on the kids eating breakfast fast. They come down late nowadays and if I don’t remind them all the time that we are in a hurry they eat super slow. Today we almost got to the girl’s school late actually.

After I dropped off the boy at his school I drove to the gym for a spinning class. It was the same as I went to last Friday so it was tough. Tougher than the class on Wednesdays. In Sweden it’s easy to keep track of how hard you are working, but without the pulse watch it’s hard. But today the instructor told us almost all the time where our RPM’s should be and I was always in those ranges so I felt really good about myself!

When I got back home and wanted nothing more than to take a shower, the cleaning lady was cleaning my bathroom… So I had to had a little earlier lunch than I usually have and then I took a shower right before I left to pick up the kids. It turned out okay. But next time I know she will be cleaning the house I will probably take a shower at the gym, even if I don’t feel like I get clean there. I hate public showers…

In the afternoon I took the kids to Froyo. I just love it and it’s not as unhealthy as ice cream so I thought it was okay to have it two days in a row for me. Back home the boy went over to a friend’s house, the girl is upstairs reading so I don’t really have anything to do now. I will read I guess and when I get off work I will head to the movie theatre and see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. By myself. No one wants to see that one and I want to try to go to the movies by myself here so I might as well try it on a night I don’t have any plans.

Oh right, in the morning, when I was still driving in the neighborhood to drop off the girl, there was a peacock running straight in front of my car!! I had to stomp on the break really hard to avoid running it over. Stupid suicidal peacock!

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