Life is better in San Diego

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.



Saturday : beachvolley, shopping and bonfire

It was chilly on Saturday, almost the whole time I was at the beach. It was cloudy, foggy and below 70F, just like a winter/spring morning. I thought the summer was already over… but it was the perfect weather for some beachvolley playing! Almost no wind at all and no sun to disturb until like 11am. I played three flawless and winning games with Chad and I was in an awesome mood the whole day after that. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Sarah came to the beach later this morning. We talked for a while while we were waiting for Christin. As soon as she got there we took my car to Westfield North County mall. I’ve never been there but it was an awesome mall, they had like all of my favorite stores and all of them had huuuuge sales! I don’t want to know how much money I spent this weekend… We were there for four hours and in four stores. First we went into a store called Windsor and I love that store. Never been there before, but I probably should have. It’s a store full of pretty dresses and party clothes. I asked Christin to show me something to wear at a nightclub since I’m not used to going to them (I thought it was better with almost-free-beer in the basement of my university). I tried it on and it looked really good, but I’m not used to using those kinds of clothes, so I tried on a dress also and that fit like a glove so there was no question about it. It was cheap also, $30.
The next stop was Charlotte Russe where I bought some extremely cheap (and probably very bad quality) accessories. After that we spent some time in Victoria’s Secret and lastly Hollister. We were in there for more than an hour I would guess. Their sale was awesome and all of us bought a lot of stuff. I bought mostly $6 tank tops, but also a pair of jeans, patterned leggings and a pair of sweat shorts.

Time flew by so we didn’t have time for more stores before we had to go to Ponto for our small bonfire at Ponto Beach. We got a little late so Chad had already had time to start up the fire, very nice of him. Soon after we three girls arrived Kristel came too and then the two lifeguards friends of Sarah and then the two German friends of Christin. They weren’t very social, they spoke only in German which was kinda rude and boring… The lifeguards got a call and had to run away to some emergency pretty early and Kristel had to work early the enxt day so she left pretty early too. Me and Chad stayed until eleven and all the Germans stayed until 1am. There were a lot of people at the beach last night and one of the groups were of older men and women and they had like a party. They were dancing to bad music and it was just so weird and kinda embarrassing. But it was a perfect evening. No clouds so you could see all the stars, it wasn’t cold and the s’mores (smurfs as Christin called them xD) were delicious.


Sunday : shopping and home cooked dinner

This morning I was feeling awful. I slept for two extra hours while Chad was studying. I watched a little of the Chargers game on TV after breakfast and was cuddling with the two dogs. Until I sneezed and they got scared and ran away.

I drove home, took a shower and some aspirin so I was feeling a little bit better when I was driving to Sarah’s. I’m so glad I decided to go with them today instead of resting alone at home. We had a great time at the same shopping mall and we bought a lot of stuff today as well. I think I bought most, but that’s because I haven’t been shopping in like three months. Today we started in Abercrombie where they also had a big sale. Instead of $6 tanks they had $15 tanks and t-shirts. Abercrombie is more expensive than Hollister, but it’s still cheaper than brand clothes in Sweden, so I bought some… I feel like I’m wearing the same tank tops all the time so I felt that I needed new ones!

The next store was Sun Diego where I bought a tank top from Billabong with the text “Life is better in San Diego” on it. And then we headed for Macy’s where I finally bought more of those super awesome tanks I have when I work out. Clothes you workout in will be worn out sooner than normal clothes. The second last store was Hollister again because Sarah wanted to buy sweatshirts for her sister. I didn’t see those the last time, so I bought one today, $20. Then I also found a really cute knitted pullover with buttons. It’s perfect over a pair of leggings, which is a piece of clothes I’ve really started to like since I moved here.

The last store was American Eagle Outfitters. I’ve always been told that they have really good jeans. So I tried a pair, and they fit perfectly and were on sale. I also found a pair of cheap black leggings with a zipper by the ankle.

And that was it today. I don’t feel bad for spending money, I feel happy, I love buying new clothes!! 😀

After our shopping we went to Sarah’s house where we cooked a dinner together. Pasta with a ham stew with bell peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes and mushrooms. Really yummy!

Now in the evening Sarah came with me to my house. I’m transferring some movies to her external harddrive so she has something to watch (except her hostkids) in San Francisco next week. We played a little The Sims 3 and we will continue next weekend, when she is back. It’s such a bad timing with this San Francisco trip. She gave me some very sad news yesterday, she is leaving for Germany on October 1st… So we only have a little more than two weeks left together. So we said that we are gonna hangout as much as possible when she gets back from SF. I’m really really sad that she is leaving, but it’s not gonna be a permanent goodbye. We are planning on going to Mallorca together next summer and she said she might be interested in coming back to go to Hawaii with me in January! That’s nice, but it’s not nice that she will go back to Germany so soon. She had to do like an internship before she started her studies which is starting next fall. So stupid…


Oh, yeah, right. I went to the movies all by myself on Friday and that wasn’t weird at all. I enjoyed it and might do it again something if there is a movie just I want to see. The movie was really good by the way, I hope they will continue and make the other books into movies too.

It was a really nice weekend even with Sarah’s sad news. So now I will head to bed and hope I will be able to go to spinning tomorrow. I probably shouldn’t because of my cold, but we’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow.


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