Swedish School

This day went fast. My morning was spent with Sarah in San Elijo teaching her some volleyball again. She is learning fast and told me that she would try to play this Saturday at Ponto. When we were done peppering in the wet and very slippery grass we went to a froyo place close by. It was a long time ago I had it. And this place was the best one I’ve been to so far.

After that I drove to the Hertz office to validate my driver license so I could start renting a car with their thing called 24/7. But when I got there it turned out my online account didn’t come through, so now I’ve tried again at home and will go back tomorrow and try to make the car reservation for Las Vegas on Oct 11th. I’m really excited about that trip!!

In the afternoon I took the kids to Swedish School like every Thursday. I didn’t have anyone to talk to today since the Swedish Sarah was helping out in one of the classes so I sat there reading for a while. That was very nice too!

I cooked dinner for the kids because the parents were at back to school night at the girl’s school. And after their showers we watched the rest of the Food Boy movie we started last Saturday.

Now I’m so exhausted and tired I probably only have enough energy to keep my eyes open for two pages… Goodnight!

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