Pumpkin Spice Latte

I’ve never tried anything with pumpkin before, but now I understand why the pumpkins are so dear to Americans, it’s delicious! Well, the latte from Starbucks was good, but I think I prefer my non fat chai latte. I tried a pumpkin scone too (it was my lunch today). It didn’t taste much, but the girl’s pumpkin bread was really yummy. It tasted like soft gingerbread cake we eat at Christmas in Sweden. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to try pumpkin pie.

In my freetime I went to the gym for a spinning class. I don’t know why, but today wasn’t tough at all, even if I had more resistance and really tried to push myself further. But I was exhausted after and I was soaked with sweat. You just gotta love a hard workout!

The girl didn’t have her soccer practice today, instead the whole team with families went to Pizza Port. Crowded but the pizza was good as usual!

Today I finally finished the second Mortal Instruments book. It took me nine days! Unbelievable. I will try to finish the next one faster, but it has 100 more pages so maybe not…

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