Flight request

I’m sad. I don’t want to go home. I have a second family and kids I love so much. I’m so incredibly lucky I got this opportunity. It’s still five more months and as my hostdad told me today, it will not be a permanent goodbye, we will meet again. But it’s sad and I’m dreading the day, someday between Feb 3rd and 6th. I requested my flight home today after talking to my hostparents about it. They told me I should request a flight as late as possible, even if there will be a new au pair here. That’s very nice of them! So now I just have to wait for my flight itinerary, but I know for sure I will be home some day in the first week of February next year.

I told my hostparents about my travel month plans and that I don’t have anyone to go with yet. I’m not as stressed anymore though. But I still have to find someone to go with me to Hawaii pretty soon. I also started to look more into Cancun in November and since I really wanna spend Thanksgiving with my hostfamily, maybe just Friday through Wednesday will be enough. I talked a little about it with Christin and Sarah today so maybe they will go with me. I have to ask my hostparents about that week though, if I’m off or not.

But first I will go to Las Vegas on Oct 11th to 13th. I asked if that weekend was okay to go, and they said yes. So now I just have to book everything and then I’m ready to go. I’m so excited!! I have to convince Sarah to come with us first also. Christin is coming so I don’t think she needs too much convincing, haha!

I spent the morning with those two and we had a really nice time at Moonlight Beach again. I made it a little more advanced for them at the beachvolleyball court and they did really good. It’s a difficult sport but if they just have the right spirit they will do great in no time at all. They just have to start believing in themselves first.

The dinner I cooked tonight was awesome! Super simple but really really good. Smoked pork chops (sv: kassler) with mashed potatoes/broccoli and creamsauce (sv: gräddsås) that I made for the first time ever. Leftovers for lunch tomorrow, awesome!

2 thoughts on “Flight request

    • Jo, mamma har nämnt det. Vad kul för er! När kommer ni hit? Och vilken/vilka öar? 🙂
      Jag pratar ganska mycket med en tjej i Maryland just nu. Hon vill göra samma typ av rundresa som jag och vi tittar på (ungefär) datumen 15jan-2feb, så 2,5 vecka på Oahu, Maui och Big Island 🙂


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