Not much happened today. As soon as I got home this morning I lay down in my bed and slept for three hours. That was so nice! But I’ve been tired this whole day anyway and I have no idea what I’m still doing up. I was thinking about going to bed right after dinner. One reason might have been that I talked to Louise about our upcoming trip to Las Vegas. I am so excited it’s ridiculous. I haven’t talked with my hostparents yet though, but I don’t think it will be a problem going away for a weekend in October. I’m gonna talk to them tomorrow so we can book the hotel, Bally’s, and I can book the car.

Both of the kids had soccer practice today so we didn’t really have time for anything else than snacks, changing of clothes and a little lunch preparation for tomorrow.

I don’t have anything more to do now, so I guess it’s time for bed and some reading. (Why don’t I want to go to bed early anymore?!)

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