This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I had a great Sunday at SeaWorld today with Sarah, Jessica and Marie. Marie is also French (like Jessica) and this was supposed to be the first time I met her. But when I saw her I got the feeling that I had met her before but I really can’t remember where or when. I told her this when we said goodbye and she said she had the same feeling. I really wonder where I met her before. She was really nice anyway and we all four girls had a very great day watching cute animals perform and going on rides.

The first thing we did was go on the rollercoaster Journey to Atlantis. It was fun and we got wet. The cars went into the water a few times. It was nice being wet in the hot day. Then we walked around, looked at the polar bears, beluga whales and walruses before we went to the first show, Blue Horizon with bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and birds. It wasn’t the same show I saw in June with mom so that was fun. We didn’t sit in the soaking zone because we had purses with sensitive stuff in them, like phones and cameras. The next show was the killer whale show One Ocean. Last time I was there the killer whale baby was too young to be on the show so he was swimming in a pool next to the show pool with his mom. But today he was in the show and that was just too adorable! He didn’t to particularly much, I mean he is like 7 months old. But he did two big jumps with his mom and tried to soak the audience, without success unfortunately, but it was so cute! The rest of the show was like the last time, completely awesome. My two favorite animals: polar bears and killer whales for sure!

Hamburgers for lunch, then we watched the Sea Lion and Otter show. That was exactly the same as last time but it was still funny. The show is called “SeaLions Live: Join our comedy duo Clyde and Seamore, OP Otter and their stagehand, Biff, as they perform their own wacky versions of some of today’s pop culture.” Survivor, dancing with the stars, CSI and a music performance; Gangnam Style.

We went on the Manta rollercoaster which is pretty much the same as Kanonen (the cannon) at Liseberg in Gothenburg. The type of it is exactly the same and you get shot out. But this one was a little less scary, no loops or corkscrews. But I still got a little nauseous. Maybe it’s a bad idea going to Six Flags if I got sick after this “lame” rollercoaster. We’ll see.
Speaking of amusement parks, we decided to go to Aquatica here in San Diego in two weeks. It’s a water park with slides and pools and stuff. That will be so much fun!

Last time I tried to pet the bat rays but couldn’t because they were swimming at the bottom of the pool and far away from the edges. But today they were super friendly and came up to us so we could pet them how much we wanted. It wasn’t at all as I expected. I thought it was gonna feel like a cat’s tongue. But it was so slimy! Still cool though, and the water was cold so it was awesome having half the arms in the water for a while.

In the end of the day I bought a new strandbag. I really love the one I already have from Abercrombie, but it is kinda small and it’s completely open so I always get a lot of sand in it. This one has a zipper. I will try it on Tuesday. Those bags were only sold for $15 if you bought something else for $25. I asked a cashier about this and when I told him I only wanted the bag he sold it to me for $15 without buying anything else, awesome!

I had a really nice day and it ended with a nap, dinner and a movie at Chad’s. I’ve finally seen Transformers (just the first one so far). It was good. Now it’s late but that’s fine, as soon as I get home tomorrow after dropping off the kids at school I will go back to bed. One could have a way worse job than I do ;).

Polar bear Polar bear Walrus Dolphin show Marie, Sarah and Jessica at the dolphin show.Pilot whale Bottlenose dolphins Bottlenose dolphins Killer whale mom and baby Killer whale mom and baby Killer whale daddy, baby, mommy Killer whale Such a magnificent animal.Sea Lions Live Shark tunnel The shark tunnel.Sea turtles

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