A normal day

Not much going on today. I didn’t go to the gym again, surprise! I had to get my B12 shot and then I decided to go to the post office to finally send those two packages to Sweden. I really hope they like it!

It was early release day today and because it was so hot we went for ice cream at Cold Stones instead of going to Starbucks. I had watermelon sorbet which was really awesome in this weather. An iced Chai latte had been nice too, but since I had a hot on from The Coffee Bean (finally! The Chai at the Coffee Bean is so much better than at Starbucks, but I haven’t been there since mom was here in June) for lunch I thought ice cream fit better today.

In the afternoon I did some homework with the boy, we read for 15 minutes from a first-grade-book. He did really well! He also had a friend over for a while and they were running around the house playing Star Wars I think.

The girl did a very nice bracelet for me from her new rubber band kit.

I made them dinner, made sure they brushed their teeth and took showers. My hostmom had to go to a late meeting tonight again so I just got off work. And now I’m so tired I will head to bed as soon as I’ve asked mom to download some more books I found today. Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games, have another series called the Underland Chronicles which seems really good. It’s about a guy who finds a city under New York. Humans live down there among supersized animals. There are so many books I want to read! I want to marry rich so I can stay at home all day and read :).

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