I feel different. I feel happy, relaxed and like I have more energy. First time ever and I already feel yoga changing me. It wasn’t as hard as I expected but the lunge poses did hurt after a while but I think I did pretty well for my first try. I went there with Sarah and she really liked it too. So we looked at the class schedule and decided to go again on Monday but do a whole evening at the gym. She is not a member of LA Fitness so she had to pay $15 as a daily fee. So on Monday we are really gonna use those dollars. At 7pm we are gonna go for an hour of Zumba, first time there too. And then one hour of yoga and some relaxation in the Jacuzzi/sauna afterward. Feels wrong to say that I long for Monday, but I do.

After dropping off the kids at school I went for some grocery shopping and bought fruit and vegetables. Back home I took a shower and did some laundry. Talked to mom, added the new books mom got me to my eReader, had a really good salad for lunch and then talked to Dzejna for a while. It was a long time ago we talked and it was nice. I miss her! So I asked her if she wanted to come here and visit me in January and go to Hawaii with me. Hope she says yes, that would be awesome!

My freetime today disappeared a little too fast for my liking, I didn’t have time for a nap… But on the other hand, this whole week disappeared super fast. Just one more day and then a nice weekend awaits.

Tomorrow night Jessica will have her goodbye dinner. She is moving to a new family in San Francisco on Saturday. On Saturday it is a beachvolley tournament and beach BBQ after. I will work in the evening on Saturday and I was thinking about taking the kids out to dinner. I wanted to go to the movies but the movie we all wanted to see, Monsters University, doesn’t show anymore… And on Sunday I will go to SeaWorld with Sarah and the French Jessica. A full weekend indeed!

In my freetime tomorrow I will try and go to Cycle in the morning. I miss all the classes at my gym back in Sweden, they had millions. Here they only have like zumba, yoga, cycle, aquafit and something called body works plus abs. I might try that out on Wednesday next week, it sounds nice.

Time for bed, goodnight/goodmorning!

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