Helping a seagull at the beach

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Oh, I am so tired right now I am almost falling asleep on my keyboard. Don’t know why though, I didn’t go to the gym, the only thing I did was being a beachvolley coach this morning for an hour. It was pretty hot, but I shouldn’t be this tired because of it. My legs also feel like spaghetti. I will take it easy tomorrow. I think it’s finally time to go to the post office.

So, this morning, after I dropped off the kids, I drove to Moonlight Beach and read while I was waiting for Sarah and Christin. I tried to explain everything as good as I could and I think they understood what I meant. I showed them how to properly take a bump (also called bagger), a set and where to place those when playing. I also showed them the serve. I thought it was really fun and I hoped they liked it too. Since they wanted to do it again I guess they did.

After our hour we went into the water and then watched Sarah’s 16 month old hostkid playing in the little stream up on the beach. There we found a seagull just lying in the kelp. At first we didn’t understand why it wasn’t flying away when the little kid was playing right next to it. Then we saw that he was stuck. He jumped like a feet away and we saw that a lot of seagrass was stuck to his foot. And soon thereafter we saw that the seagrass was stuck in a fish hook, which line were twisted around his foot and then up around his head. I hate seeing animals in pain, even if it’s “just a seagull”, so I sat down and removed the seagrass and then tried to take away the fish line. I got it away from his foot so he at least could stand up straight. I didn’t dare touching his face, even if he was super nice and still while I was working on his foot. And he flew away with that line and hook dangling from his neck. I hope someone else sees it and takes it away!

In the afternoon I drove the girl and her friend to soccer practice and after that it was just me and the boy until my hostmom came home at 8pm. We looked at his rock collection and then he wanted me to play Mario Kart. He wanted me to win new guys for him because I’m so good, haha!

It will be so awesome going to bed now!!

Moonlight BeachIt was really nice spending the morning of a weekday at the beach. But it was hot!Mist at Moonlight Beach Hot, sunny, and foggy. And a lot less people compared to Saturday. You could hardly see any sand that day…Clouds over Carlsbad

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