Labor Day

I can’t believe it is already September, but I’m glad it doesn’t mean that the summer is over, like in Sweden. It’s now that the warmth has arrived, some days even a little too warm with the high humidity. Today it wasn’t particuarly warm, the sun wasn’t even out, but still the beaches were full of people because of this American holiday called Labor Day. I spent four hours at Ponto Beach today. My original plan was to play beachvolley, but I ended up just sitting facing the water finishing my book, City of Bones. It took six days to finish, but probably because there were 350 pages instead of Percy Jackson’s 200. And it was just in the beginning it was confusing with different perspectives. The rest of the book was written from the same person. It was good and now I’m ready to go to the cinemas and see the movie.

My morning was really nice. I watched the rest of the movie from the night before, Identity Thief, while he tried to study for his next test on Wednesday. After that he made me breakfast while I was sitting in the couch with one of his brother’s two Chihuahuas. From the first time I met that dog, Sadie, she has been all over me. Always following me around, barking and playing. This morning she was laying on a pillow while I petted her and after just a few moments she moved to my lap instead. So cute. Then the other dog, Logan, who never really showed any big interest in me, came up and pushed Sadie away so he could be in my lap. But in the end Sadie won and got her spot back. When I tried to stand up because the breakfast was done she started attacking me. Dogs are cute!

Yesterday was another day at the beach. It was very warm and the sun burned  when it wasn’t hidden behind clouds which it was most part of the day. Me, Sarah and Christin spent a few hours at Moonlight Beach. It was soo crowded. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a beach that crowded. I’ve seen pictures of worse, but it was one thing to experience it. Moonlight Beach is a very nice beach, but I think I prefer Ponto here in Carlsbad, not as much people.

I had to leave the beach at half past four so I would have time to cook dinner for Chad. He must be the first person who really wanted to try fish pudding when I told him about it. His brother had caught some fish on Friday so I used that. It took around 2 hours as usual and when I was in the middle of cooking, out of nowhere, his parents were there. I was surprised and I think Chad was too, but he had told his parents about me so I guess they weren’t as surprised. They seemed really nice and I don’t think I embarrassed myself, haha!

The only thing I haven’t written about yet this weekend is the visit to Phil’s BBQ on Friday night. There was a huge line in, but after those 40 minutes it wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t like a normal restaurant. You went up to the counter, ordered your food, paid for it, got one of those beeping things and then sat down at an available table. I had baby back ribs and corn-on-the-cob. Really delicious! But I think I prefer Famous Dave’s because of all their options. And I can’t get their cornbread muffin out of my mind!

It was really nice with a three-day-weekend. That should be standard! Tomorrow I will once again be a beachvolley coach, that will be fun!

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