A perfect day at the beach

This day was one of the better I’ve had here. Waking up in a very nice way, playing a lot of beachvolley, swimming in the ocean several times, and reading. For once I played really well! My passes and sets were perfect almost every time and I was better than usual at placing the ball on the opponent’s square. It felt so good and the only thing keeping me from playing until the very end was the extremely hot sand. I don’t understand how the other people could keep playing. I could hardly walk in the sand without burning myself.

I don’t know how warm it was, but it was perfect, there was a sea breeze, and the water was cool. It was pretty humid though so I was sticky all day, but I didn’t mind. It was the perfect day at the beach!!
It was definitely not as warm as yesterday when the temperature hit 90F, but then it’s always a little cooler at the beach. Even in the evenings it’s still very warm, so no hoodies needed anymore. Awesome!

BUT!, when I was leaving I had some troubles… First of all some stupid RV blocked the parking lot exit so no one could leave. The cops were there and a lot of people were annoyed and wanted to leave. Some people tried getting out where the entrance is, but all of them got stuck in the sand so it wasn’t worth it. After 45 minutes the right car drove away so everyone could leave through a hole. A random guy was standing by the road making sure no one parked there. Very nice of him!

And then something else happened. The car beside me was driving out before me because he had a smaller car. He drove out and then backed a little to make room for a turn (it’s always tricky getting out of those spots, hardly any space at all) and he totally backed into my parked car leaving a mark. I knew that I had to get the guys information, but I just froze, blacked out. It wasn’t any big damage, but I get nervous when something I’ve never experienced before happens. The family in the car on my other side realized that I wasn’t from here and told me what to do. So I took a photo of the damage and then of his insurance and drivers license. I hope I didn’t miss anything. I talked to my hostmom as soon as I got home, sent her all the pictures and she will take care of it. I’m glad it wasn’t anything bigger than one, maybe two scratches.

I realized I got a little burned on my left arm today, took a shower and then put on some aloe after sun cream. Should be gone by tomorrow. Now I’m waiting for time to go by so I can have my longed-for bbq at Phil’s BBQ with some friends.

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