Maroon 5, Oct 5th

Nothing is gonna stop me from seeing Maroon 5 this time. I missed it last time in March because it was on a Friday and in LA. I would never have made it in time with the traffic. But this time, it’s on a Saturday down in Chula Vista. So I bought a ticket today for $45. It’s gonna be awesome!

My day was really lazy today. I worked in the morning as usual and when I got home I was so tired (I didn’t sleep like a baby last night…) so I napped for a couple of hours before lunch. I had lunch and then I read for a little more than an hour before I had to pick up the boy from school. I had more than an hour extra because I didn’t pick up the girl from her school, she was being picked up by a friend for a playdate. And the boy had a playdate over the whole afternoon so I didn’t have too much to do. I read some more while keeping an eye on them. I remember when I was a kid and didn’t want my parents to interfere when I was playing with a friend.

The last thing me and the boy did was playing Mario Kart on Wii. And now it’s weekend!

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