A new week

I was still feeling very crappy today, so no gym. Instead I spent all my free hours in bed skyping with my sweet cousins (who are getting too old, I can’t believe they are already 16, almost 15 and 13 in just a few days!), reading and sleeping. One moment feeling cold and the next super warm. It’s a little bit annoying to take off and on a hoodie all the time. Most of the times I’ve felt like I’m burning up though. I hate feeling like this. I picked up the kids from school and was prepared to take both of the kids to soccer practice, but my hostmom said that she could take them so I could rest some more. Very sweet of her! So I slept almost the whole afternoon too until the boy rang the doorbell a million times when they got home at 6pm. The girl told me that he was crying in the car because he wanted me to go with him to his practice. Next week I promised him!

I’ve also talked to one of the Swedish girls, who arrived the same day as I did in January, about going to Vegas together in October. I’m trying to convince the Swedish Sarah to come with us. It would be so awesome to have a Swedish party weekend in Las Vegas!!

We’ll see if I will be able to get some sleep tonight, last night I had a really hard time falling asleep. But now I will at least go to bed and continue reading the last Percy Jackson book (there are more, in  series 2 but I won’t start reading those until October when the next book comes out). Or maybe I will just keep watching Rise of the Guardians.

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