Starbucks Wednesday

I’m feeling okay now but I didn’t want to try my luck and go to the gym today so I spent my morning at home, reading a little, watching Two and a Half Men, talking with mom. No nap though, so I was a little bit extra tired this afternoon. I am starting to stress out a little. I can request my flight home to Sweden already but before I do that I have to talk to my hostfamily and I really want to book Hawaii before I request anything. And I don’t have anyone to go there with… Maybe I can convince my mom to come back, don’t think it will be too hard, I mean, who doesn’t wanna go to Hawaii?!

I finished the last Percy Jackson book today and started reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I have been wanting to read them for a while now, and since the movie came to the cinemas five days ago I felt it was time to do it now. The last eight books I’ve read (except Narnia which is so easily written it’s ridiculous) have been written from a first person perspective and this is from the third. Not used to it and it’s very confusing sometimes, especially when they switch person just like that.

Hmm, what else… The boy is starting to get sick. His nose has been super runny these last two days, his eyes are a little bloodshot and he is exhausted. Poor thing. But I guess this is what it’s like having kids in a family, when school starts they get sick. And with the girl’s pneumonia and my fever and their love not keeping them away from me and each other… Hope it’s just a cold!

Oh yeah, they title. Starbucks Wednesday is back. Today it was way too hot (I’m sure it was at least 85F) for a warm Chai Latte so I had it iced. I’m still surprised how good that one is.

Dinner was spaghetti with meatsauce, my favorite dish here. Right after my hostmom picked up the girl from soccer practice and I stayed home with the boy helping him getting ready for bed.

And now it’s time for me to go to bed. I’m slowly getting used to the early mornings, but I know myself, I’m not a morning person so I need to be asleep by 11pm at the latest to be able to get out of bed at 6am!

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