This day was really crappy. First I found out that the couple renting my apartment back in Sweden put stuff down in the storage room which was flooded last week. Everything got destroyed. Mom will be an angel and call my insurance company and help me with everything.

Then I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I was freezing like crazy so I slept the whole afternoon and was super unsocial with our guests. My hostdad came in to me right before dinner asking how I was feeling and when I say not too good he felt my forehead and told me I was really warm… Just typical. He gave me two Advils and an hour later I was feeling better. I’m still very warm though.

We had leftover from the party for dinner, almost as yummy today. Then we gathered around the fire table they bought just a few weeks ago and grilled S’mores. Katta and her boyfriend Tobbe are really nice and it’s too bad I couldn’t hang out with them more, they are leaving tomorrow.

When the kids went to bed I refueled the car and bought some ice cream. Since I slept so much this afternoon I figured it would be hard sleeping early tonight, so I will watch some True Blood while eating my favorite Ben & Jerry’s, Phish Food. It’s okay, I’m sick!

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