The party night on Friday was really nice, the movie in the backyard was a huge success and it was surprisingly good quality. Too bad I had a headache most of the night so I couldn’t really socialize much. I think I have to look it up, and I might as well look up my knuckle that’s been hurting for more than a month too, while I’m at it.

Yesterday I was supposed to do the Color in Motion 5k run down in San Diego, but once again, I was the one who bought a ticket, and people said they wanted to join, but then didn’t… So I decided I didn’t wanna do it and went to Ponto to play some beachvolley instead. I didn’t play too much because of my extreme muscle soreness. But the three games I played with Chad wasn’t too bad but after that I just lay on the beach reading and finishing Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth.

In the evening Chad took me to a sushi restaurant. It was very nice and the food was really good. Raw fish is good!

Today I have nothing planned. I’m alone in the house, the family and the old au pair that’s visiting this weekend just went to the pool, but I have a headache (big surprise) so I will just stay here, maybe drive somewhere nice and quiet.

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