Weird dream

I have dreams quite often, but for some stupid reason I don’t write them down. So tonight I dreamt about a super huge meteor shower where rocks as big as soccer balls fell from the sky… It was really cool but scary and I was afraid I was gonna die. Two days later I remembered about the meteor shower and my first thought was that I had to put it in my blog! And I was so certain that it was real life. Maybe that’s why I felt like I should write it down here, haha! Don’t remember much about what happened more than that though.

When I had dropped off the kids at school this morning I drove to the gym for the first time in months. I started with 30 minutes on the elliptical which was really hard with some resistance, there was some sweat for sure. So I had to rest for a few minutes before I could continue with a little strength/cardio. Three/four strength exercises, low resistance, no rest between each exercise. Really tough when I hadn’t worked out in a while. I was nauseous afterward and now, like 9 hours later my arms and legs are starting to feel like spaghetti. Wonder how well it will go to play beach volleyball tomorrow.

After the gym I made a good couscous salad with fruits and then took a nice, long and warm shower. The rest of the afternoon (I had three hours after I was done at the gym, awesome!) I read and watched Two and a Half Men.

Today’s Pia’s birthday and tonight there will be a house party at our place. Three of the girl’s friends with families will be here. There will be food and cake and my hostdad bought a projector so they are gonna watch a movie in the backyard later.

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