I think summer is finally here. It took a while but now it’s been warm for two weeks straight! Today it was low 80 and it was perfect. But waiting in the car in that heat wasn’t so nice…

I didn’t do much today, I tried the drop off lane at the girl’s school and I think that is what she wants me to do from now on. I read in my freetime, halfway through The Battle of the Labyrinth now. In the afternoon the boy was at a playdate and me and the girl looked for cupcake recipes. Her mom bought her an amazing cupcake/pie book with so many funny recipes. Like high heel cupcakes, animals, holiday themed. But we decided to find a recipe online instead, both for a normal vanilla cupcake but also cream cheese frosting. Tomorrow there will be a party at our house with the families of four of the girl’s best friends.  So the two of us is gonna bake the cupcakes after school for the event.

The afternoon disappeared so fast and before I knew it my hostdad was home making naan bread pizza, which is so delicious!

I was right, now that the kids are back in school, the days just fly by and once again I’m seeing the end of my year approaching a little too fast for my liking…

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