Part of the family

Last night I watched the first Percy Jackson movie and I have to say I’m really dissapointed. They had changed the whole story and everything was so different. So now I’m not sure I want to see the second one… With The Hunger Games though, it was exactly the same and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Yesterday I was home the whole day with the girl because she was sick. It was a long day but still okay. When she’s not feeling well she can’t really do anything which means I get to rest. Today was a long day too, but I had the morning off. Wednesdays are early-release days so the kids get out of school one hour earlier. But I still had time to be at the pool for a couple of hours, finishing Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse.

Tonight my hostdad told me what the boy did in school today (he rarely can answer me when I ask him what he did in school, he forgets). So they were writing or talking about their families and the boy said he had five family members. My hostdad looked at him when he was explaining; five? “Yeah, Alexandra’s the fifth!” That’s sooo adorable, my heart melted!

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