The kids are back in school

It’s been a weird day today, it felt like I had just started being an au pair because my hostparents were with me almost the whole day. But I am so glad they were, it would have been hard finding the girl’s new school, know where to park and how it all worked. But now I do. Unfortunately I won’t be able to try it for myself tomorrow because she has 102F temperature (39C) so she has to stay home tomorrow.

My new working schedule looks like this. I start working at 6:30am. I empty the dishwasher and prepare the kids’ lunches if I didn’t do it the afternoon before. Breakfast for the kids at 6:45 and then I take both of them to the girl’s school which starts at 8:02am. Then back again to drop off the boy at his school, it’s nice that he still goes to the same school as before, so I know what where to park and everything, but now he is one of the big kids, a first grader! When he starts at 8:45 I get off work until 1:30pm when I have to drive to the girl’s school and pick her up. Then back again to the boy’s school which ends at 3:10pm. Home, eating snacks and doing homework and then play until the parents get home around 6:30pm. It’s gonna be a lot of driving this fall, and a lot of time waiting in the car.

On top of this they have activities after school some days too. The girl has soccer practice twice a week, the boy has it once, and they both are going to Swedish school once a week. Don’t know if it’s any more than that yet.

Anyway, the girl was super excited when we got to her new school this morning, she was running around like I don’t know, saying hello to friends, comparing schedules and so on. And she was still very excited when we picked her up. I think she is gonna enjoy middle school!

The boy didn’t say much about school as usual, but I got the feeling that he liked it too.

In my freetime today I got my B12 shot and bought something for my brother’s birthday last week. I haven’t had time to send it until now, so tomorrow it will finally be on its way. I also had lunch at IKEA since I was already down there for the shot. Meatballs with mashed potatoes, creamy sauce and lingonberries. Yummy! I also took a quick tour inside and looked at china, I have to buy a new set when I get back to Sweden. I also find a really nice and big picture of San Diego skyline. I hope they have it back in Sweden, it would have been so awesome to have that on my wall!

Oh right, my headache still won’t go away. Almost every day for 10 days now. It’s not fun anymore 😦

Now it’s dinner soon and after that I’m going to Starbucks to say a final goodbye to Giorgia. I’m gonna miss her!

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