7 months

I’m as surprised this month as all the other ones that another one has passed without big notice. Seven months? It’s really hard to believe. I know I have six more months (five working months), but it will be over so soon. In two months I have to request my flight home to Sweden, which means I probably should start looking for something to do in my travel month.

It’s been a long day today, but it was okay, I got some rest when the boy had a playdate at our house and the girl was at the pool with some friends. While the boys were playing nicely in the backyard I was enjoying the beautiful weather (the summer has finally arrived here!) and my book. I was too tired to read yesterday so I’m not done yet. But tonight I will, just nine more pages! I really love these books.

I made dinner tonight, homemade pizza on scone bread. Nothing special, just tomato sauce, ham and cheese, but really really good! When I get back home I’m gonna continue making my own pizza (I’ve never done it before for some stupid reason).

Oh, I’ve totally forgot about this, but this last weekend I finally saw the last registration plate, North Dakota! The second last plate, I saw four months ago…

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