The Sims 3 Paradise Island

I’m not sure how much I will read from now on. My mom (thank you for sending everything I ask for, I’m so glad for DropBox!) sent me the .iso for the new Sims expansion and I am just about to start it. Paradise Island sounds definitely like something for me!

Mockinjay is really awesome aswell, but it’s so short so it will probably be over soon enough anyway. I have already read more than 80 pages out of 280. Some mornings, when the kids doesn’t come down until like 8:45, I have at least 45 minutes to read which is a pretty nice start of the day.

This day was spent at the library and the pool. Both the kids lent many books at the library.

In the afternoon the girl had a friend over and we went to the pool. There the boy found the boy from next door and soon thereafter another one of his friends came. It was pleasantly warm today and the water was cool. A very nice afternoon!

I don’t want to write anything more now, I want to play, so goodbye 🙂

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