TGI Friday on a weekday

I just got home from a really nice dinner with Sarah at TGI Friday, it’s nice to make a weekday a little luxurious. We didn’t eat much since we weren’t so hungry. We had a broccoli and cheese soup each and shared a plate of garlic bread sticks. It was simple but sooo good! We talked a lot about everything and I had a really nice night.

My day wasn’t so bad either. The girl was at a playdate the whole morning and the boy had a playdate half the morning so I had finally some time to Skype with mom. Haven’t talked to her (except messages on Facebook) since she was here a month ago!

I made lunch for me and the boy and today I tried a different type of couscous salad. I had some avocado in there, red bell pepper and pear and lemon juice on top. Really good!

In the afternoon we went to the pool. I knew one of the boy’s friends were there and they played with the girl for a long while until the friend had to go home. And when he did both of the kids got water balloons from another kid and they had so much fun together for another hour playing catch in the pool.

Last night I stayed up pretty late reading Catching Fire.  I’m not quite done with it yet, 60 pages left so if I don’t finish it tonight, then tomorrow! That must be some kind of record!!

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